Elena Aiello

Acoustic Guitar/Vocals


Todd Parish



Mike Makosky

Bass Guitar/Vocals


Nick Collura

Electric Guitar/Vocals


Apple & The Moon originated in 2014 through a common connection at Insea Sound Shop in Nelsonville, Oh.  This group of musicians with superb skills and diverse influences came together to express their uniquely individual sounds and to paint a sometimes smooth but sometimes gritty Rock/Americana style.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Elena Aiello has a vocal style that can be described as bluesy with a hint of old country. She grew up in rural Ohio with city raised parents, giving her a unique view of people of many different walks of life. Her love of people and culture is the influence behind the songs that she writes.

Nick Collura, the lead guitarist, brings a rock/blues edge to the band with over 40 years of experience and a passion for original music. His love for creativity mixed with his impressive skill allows him to voice his heart and soul through the strings of his guitar. His songwriting reflects the roots of the working class and everyday living.

Native of Chicago, IL., bass player Mike Makosky mixes his effortless groove with sounds that come from an experienced pallete of flavors.  Everything from thrash/metal to free-form jazz with hints of African polyrhythms can be heard in Mike’s playing. He is a multitalented instrumentalist and songwriter who often times brings a mellow feel to the group as well as a constant flow of homemade spirits.

Todd Parish is the steady heartbeat of the band displaying flawless technique on the drums. Todd is also a long time veteran of the music scene who has accumulated many different musical talents from the guitar to the glockenspiel. He is a talented songwriter and vocalist with a diverse list of influences ranging from Radiohead to Johnny Cash.

A&M intends to play their original music in venues across the country. The unique blend of styles and powerful songwriting skills that this group displays begs to be heard and enjoyed by all. The album will be a compilation of songs written by all members of the band and will be released in 2015. Plans are in the works for a short summer tour in 2015 along with many other local and regional performances.